Page 234: Expand Garage Storage Space.

The Garage is one of my favorite spaces!

I have added some photos below of my own to give you an example.

Its a great room to tackle as you generally do not need a permit, no structural work and preparation is minimal. So it is very DIY friendly!

This valuable real estate can be reclaimed and utilized for so many other uses!

* Park the cars

*Home office



* Kids play room (especially in winter)

* Arts and Crafts hobby central, etc..........

Today there are some great products on the market that enables us to get organized AND stay that way. With the introduction to attractive lockable wall cabinets, work benches, modular gear drawers and gear boxes it couldn't be easier.


When supporting cabinets, baskets, hooks etc. on your wall space use a good quality modular system so you and your family have the flexibility to relocate and change everything with ease. The fittings need to lock in securely so to not fall on you or the car!

Whats great about the garage is that once you have organized all of your gear on the walls, you can reintroduce your cars back into the space!

HOME OFFICE in the garage

This was a project I did for a couple that had tall ceilings. We took advantage of that and added a loft to gain extra square footage.

Just thought this was amazing

Many more great pix to follow!